Choose Whatever Gas You Want

Furnaces can be charged with dry or wet hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, or any other gas that can be bottled, including custom blends and exotic gases. High-Purity Atmospheres and Clean Handling Dry-gas atmospheres of -80°F and below and clean handling minimizes discoloration, eliminates contaminants and leaves parts in pristine condition.

Wide Range of Treatment Temperatures

We offer a full suite of testing protocols for virtually all metals in purified atmospheres from -320°F to 2200°F.

Limit Your Product Development Risk

Maximize performance and minimize the risk of failure by making Temperature Processing your resource for product design and development. We help you select appropriate materials and heat treatments to ensure that your parts exhibit the hardness, strength, dimensional stability and finish that your application demands. Receive professional guidance throughout all phases of design and development, from rough sketches through installation and testing. Access to our extensive knowledge base can save you significant amounts of money by minimizing the need for post-heat-treatment machining and finishing.

Inspection and Testing

Every order we treat is individually inspected and tested to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards and performs to your specifications.